Going Green


In Cest La Vie, we believe sustainability is a journey…

Our first step is … We are committed in sustainable environment, employment and procurement. 

In Sustainable

Environment …

We love planet earth. Our team is committed to go extra mile to save the earth.

We practice the 5R for Corporate Green Initiative. Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle.

In Sustainable


Our employees are given equal opportunities, we believe each employee can provide added value for us now and in the future, while also experiencing added value themselves.

We welcome with open hearts the elderly, seniors and the disadvantaged in our team. There is no discrimination, but empowerment.

We believe in each human gift and talent which brings its unique transformation to our company.

We offer a work environment that treats every employee with respect and dignity.

In Sustainable


Sustainable and responsible procurement requires close collaboration with our partners and suppliers.

Our partner factories are audited, and practice good governance. In addition, we worked with factories who procure from fair trade supplies.

We administer audit checks on cargo in accordance to client’s guidelines.

With respect to the 3 areas of commitment, the team echo one another’s steps in pursuit of a vibrant and cohesive work place where everyone contributes positively in enhancing teamwork and growing the business units.
The sustainability process is a journey which never ends. Our thoughts commit to this path. Our hearts embrace this cause. Our actions, we look forward…. can contribute to a better future for the next generation…



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